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About E.J. Farms

The E.J. Farms Specialty Brand is one of distinction. Never before has a brand of Fresh and Processed Meats existed with both Quality and Value in balance. Each one of our branded items is designed to deliver today's consumer the highest level of quality found in flavor, bite and eating pleasure. E.J. Farms Specialty Meats are practically priced at an affordable level for everyone to enjoy. The product line includes Hams, Bacons, Barbeque Variety Meats, Dinner Sausages and Breakfast Sausages. In addition to the existing E.J. Farms product line, our development team can source your item requests from raw materials, labeling, manufacturing to final product distribution. Let our experienced staff be your choice for all your private branding needs. During the grilling season, make sure you try the E.J. Farms Fully Cooked BBQ Baby Back Spare Ribs. These baby back ribs are amazingly delicious at a cost far less than all the competition.

Cooked Protein Program

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Download this document to view recipes and applications for all the EJ Farms Cooked Proteins and Sauces.  
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